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Incubation Support

The finalists of the Tata Social Enterprise Challenge would be eligible for Incubation at IIM Calcutta Innovation Park. IIM Calcutta Innovation Park is a Section 8 company established under the aegis of IIM Calcutta to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The mission of IIM Calcutta Innovation Park is aligned with the mission of IIM Calcutta to “develop innovative and ethical future leaders capable of managing change and transformation in a globally competitive environment and to advance the theory and practice of management”.

IIM Calcutta Innovation Park provides both physical and virtual incubation. The incubation programme offers the following facilities/benefits to the incubatees :

  1. Dedicated Mentorship: IIM Calcutta Innovation Park’s mentor pool comprises IIM Calcutta Alumni, Faculty. Entrepreneurs and investors with expertise in different domains.
  2. Funding Connect: IIM Calcutta Innovation Park endeavours to connect incubatees to various funding sources including funding schemes floated by IIM Calcutta Innovation Park(in association with investors), funding partners, Government seed/venture funds, IIM Calcutta Innovation Park aims at organizing seed funding for all it’s incubatees and ensuring successful exit in an 18–24-month time frame.
  3. Plug and Play workspace: IIM Calcutta Innovation Park offers a plug-and-play office facility including an internet, printing and conferencing facility for its incubatees.
  4. Support Services: IIM Calcutta Innovation Park facilitates Legal, Secretarial, IT Infrastructure support, HR & Payroll, and Travel and Logistics services provided by competent service providers at preferential rates.
  5. IIM CALCUTTA Student Support: IIM Calcutta Innovation Park facilitates engagement with IIM Calcutta students for its incubatees who help entrepreneurs in solving some of the challenges faced by them.
  6. Knowledge Sessions: For its incubatees, IIM Calcutta Innovation Park conducts free Training programs on various aspects of entrepreneurship at the IIM Calcutta campus.

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