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TSEC 2015-16

The grand finale of the fourth edition of the programme held on January 16, 2016, at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM-C), saw HelpUsGreen® from Kanpur (Winner), Jeevtronics from Pune (1st Runner-up), and Hasiru Dala Innovations from Bengaluru and Disease Diagnose Group from Boston, USA (joint winners of the 2nd Runner-up position), emerge as the winning ventures, receiving prize money of Rs. 2.5 lakh, Rs. 2 lakh and Rs. 1.5 lakh, respectively

The winners of the Tata Social Enterprise Challenge for the year 2015-16 are:

The Winner: HelpUsGreen® – Powered by Nature (Kanpur)

HelpUsGreen® is a Kanpur-based social enterprise that preserves the rivers by flowercycling® the waste from the places of worship into lifestyle products. At HelpUsGreen®, flowers are collected and recycled into bio-fertilizer, incense and bathing bars, among others. It has partnered with Dentsu Webchutney, Oikos Foundation, and Browntape Technologies. HelpUsGreen® is managing five Women self-help group with 16 members each.

Product profile includes Mitti, Sticks and Stones. Mitti® is a first of its kind natural fertilizer (proprietary research). Sticks and Stones® are luxury incense items and are free from carcinogens, coal and chemical based fragrances. The high supply demand gap, social impact and the trendy product design makes the market apt for HelpUsGreen®.

1st Runner Up: Jeevtronics

Profile: Jeevtronics is dedicated to designing and implementing affordable medical devices for underdeveloped and rural areas. It has patented a hand-cranked defibrillator – a life-saving device for heart patients – which has a built-in power generator that enables it to work in off-grid rural areas, mini ambulances and disaster relief camps, among others.

There is a critical unmet need in the cardiac care. People are dying of sudden cardiac arrest and the facilities are available for 1 in 50 beds in a hospital.  The hand-crank generator requires 12 seconds to charge and comes at one-fourth the cost of competition. This system will deliver a Bi-Phasic shock with less than 15 seconds of cranking.

Jeevtronics is planning to target untapped segments like Disaster relief camps, small ambulances, small private hospitals, army camps & PHC/CH with an estimated market size of 2.7 Billion USD External defibrillator market by 2020.

2nd Runner Up: Hasiru Dala Innovations (Bengaluru) – Joint 2nd Runner-up

Hasiru Dala Innovations is committed to creating predictable livelihoods for waste pickers through providing total waste management, urban gardening services and products for sustainable living. The model is designed to enable a circular economy that enhances the lives, be it a waste picker or a resident, it touches. The service is a comprehensive one–stop solution that includes management of in-site wet waste processing.

The venture is supporting waste pickers to collect from 10,000 households in the city. It has also, in collaboration with Waste Wise Trust, Radio Active and Jain University, created a unique certification course called ‘Enhancing skills of small entrepreneurs in recycling industry’.

Revenue is generated through flat fee collection from households as well as from various event organisers and also from urban gardening services

2nd Runner Up: Disease Diagnose Group – Reinventing global health diagnostics (Boston) – Joint 2nd Runner-up

Disease Diagnose Group (DDG) has developed a hand-held malaria detector called Rapid Assessment of Malaria (RAM). Out of every 1000 malaria infections, only 500 fevers are identified, 250 tests are performed and only 125 diagnoses are accurate. This device, called RAM for short, detects a magnetic substance that malaria parasites release when digesting red blood cells thus providing a faster and more accurate diagnostic test than those used currently, and at a much lower cost. The device is reusable, mechanical, fast and sensitive, and the technology is clinically approved.

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