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Nitin Gachhayat

Nitin Gachhayat co-founded Drishtee with Satyan Mishra and Shailesh Thakur in 2000. Nitin leads the team Drishtee for developing relevant services for rural India. He is also responsible for technology intervention for efficient delivery of services. He has been key to evolving various new models and solutions for rural India till now.

He has co-authored a paper on “Rural Business through ICT” which has been published as a chapter in a book “Governance of Rural Information and Communication Technologies” by Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA). He completed his basic education from Orissa in easter India and MBA from New Delhi.

Organization Details

Organization Name: Drishtee

Drishtee is a social enterprise shated in the year 2000. It attempts to address the issue of rural economic development and accessibility. It works with rural communities in India (and elsewhere), usually through entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises. It has been creating sustainable business models that create economic advantages and livelihood opportunities.

Drishtee has over 14000 entrepreneurs now linked on a network of supply chains of milk-man routes. A large number of these entrepreneurs are small village stores but inter-spaced with them on the routes are entrepreneurs who provide services, including e-governance, health, vocational education, banking and micro-credit. Drishtee’s geographical presence is concentrated in the Northern and North-Eastern States of India, through it has worked in other states and some countries in Africa with partners.