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Ramakrishna NK

Ram is the co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Rang De. He was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2012 in recognition of Rang De’s game changing efforts to lower the cost of credit. A firm believer in the social business model, he started Rang De in 2008 as a platform to raise social investments from individuals.His conviction that there is a need to lower the cost of microcredit has been instrumental in shaping Rang De’s values and beliefs.Prior to starting Rang De, Ram worked as Principal Consultant for Vignette Europe Limited and has consulted for some of the world’s best companies.

Organization Details

Rang De

Rang De is a pioneering web based social initiative that supports low income households with access to low cost capital. Through an online platform, Rang De enables individuals to make social investments of Rs.100 or more in support of specific individuals. Social investors get back their money with a nominal financial return.

Rang De has so far supported more than 19,000 low income households across India and raised more than Rs.12 crores as low cost loan capital.