About: ennovent accelerates innovations creating a sustainable impact on low income people. We work with a global network of entrepreneurs, investors and experts to discover, finance and scale up the best innovations. We envision sustainable living for people at the base of the economic pyramid.

Average Investment Size : €50k seed investment and potential €250k follow-up

Investment Period : 5-7 years for each investment

Website : www.ennovent.com

Target Market: Underserved – rural or urban – markets in India

Sector Focus: Sector Agnostic including Energy, water, food, health or education

Business Model: Unique and innovative products, services or business models

Stage of Operation: Seed to early-stage startups – not idea stage

Other Criteria:

1) Use of Funds: Prototyping, marketing or scaling activities

2) Financial Instruments: Equity or quasi-equity instruments

3) Exit Options: Potential to exit after holding period