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An Idea to Promote Education in India

Dear Team,

I have an Idea to promote the Education in India, I designed an Idea with the aim to educate each child of India which not only will help the children of India to study and will also provide the Finance to every parent and they will be relieved from the tension of Education Cost of their Children

I want to offer the children of India a web portal of their dreams where the student need to click on his/her dream of life e.g Doctor / Actor / IAS officer etc. and they will get every detail required to fulfill their dreams and I want to provide them the Financial help to complete their dreams (For this I have a business idea ,which will be attached to the portal)

I want your support to give life to my Idea

I will feel proud to share  further details with you

Warm Regards,
CA Sanjeev Jhamb
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