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An enterprise of Human Development

We would like to acquaint with an excellent endeavor of true human development and peace, through an excellent –incomparable system of essential education for true & universal self-development –world-wide.

‘MahaManan’ is an excellent – essential and fundamental education for true self-development and human development. 

‘MahaManan Kendra’ is the education center of that system of education. That is self-development or man making education center.

We think, development of humankind or a nation is possible only through the development of individuals, also we think, customary or formal academic (school – college etc.) education is not sufficient for true development of human beings. For that, we need such an uncustomary (non-formal) basic human development education which can help us to be fully developed human beings.

At present, the demand of this essential education is found in conscious people. But there is no such institution for true self-development education in our country. 

It is known to every conscious person, the cause of most problems – disturbances and crimes of human society –is the lack of true self-development education. Therefore the need of this education is undeniable.

To make a better world –to make our life blessed –to fulfill oneself, to remove the inhuman activities from our society, we have an excellent – incomparable system of essential education for true & universal development. The creator of this system of education is MahaManas –the great sage of the modern times. We are desirous to establish the way of universal development of human beings –world-wide, and also we are desirous to establish a true and universal Human Development education center of international standard in India. 

We need like-minded persons for our true Human Development program. If you are interested in this program, please extend your helping hands to make it possible. 

True Education is the only solution. That is true education which helps us directly to be fully developed human beings. True education makes us enough conscious and wise gradually. Also it makes us able to solve our most problems. Therefore we need true education for human development.

The people are ready to receive it, Just it needs to be established. 

‘The call to be proper Human being’ is not any new saying. But in reality, there is no any education center, any path or method, before us. Now that path has been shown by MahaManas –the great sage of the modern times (search– MahaManas,MahaManan, MahaDharma). That great path of true and universal self-development is ‘MahaManan’ or ‘Maha Atma-Vikas-Path’. 

This excellent education (theoretical and practical) of human development is so beautiful that if any school/college-student receive it, even a short course of this education, the examination result of that student will be better. Along with that, improvement of behavior of that student will take place. 

By receiving full course of ‘MahaManan’ education, development of one’s own self or mind comes into reality. In case of aged persons, being free from many physical and mental problems, they will be able to advance towards the path of true self-development, along with self-purification and self-realization.

Besides that, those who are tending to crime can come into normal state and able to turn into developed soul by through this education with a special course of ‘MahaManan’. 

To grow a peace full– developed society/country, ‘MahaManan’ is the excellent –incomparable –essential education for all. 

Make your life brighten and more bloomed, also bring in your life an unprecedented amazing lucky change, through the path shown by great sage MahaManas.

MahaManan (‘Maha Atma-Vikas-Yoga’) educational program is not only a system of education of theoretical knowledge of self-development. It is formed by combination of different sciences, psychosomatic –psycho-spiritual methods and practical or applied teachings of reasonable spirituality, with ‘MahaManas-Yoga’ and new invented ‘Universal Treatment’ (MahaPathy) of MahaManas, and different alternative systems of treatments. ‘Maha Atma-Vikas’ education is a simple and easily comprehensible –effective –impeccable syllabus of true & universal self-development with basic essential education to higher education of true spiritual knowledge. 

True & universal self-development isn’t possible without universal soundness. Forthat, the ‘Universal Treatment’ is an important part of the universal self-development.

By following and practicing which teachings (with practical and applied methods) one can be developed in all respects, is ‘MahaManan’.

We want to enjoy our life much more nicely–, want to be successful in life – want to gain happy, prosperous – peaceful, joyful, beautiful, healthy life. We want to transform our hopes –ambitions into reality. Want to see ourselves as fully developed human beings, along with our development –we want to make our children fully grown human beings, want to develop them properly. Want to bring up as complete human beings in knowledge, good qualities, behavior, true education, capabilities. 

If your demand is the same, if you want to enjoy a happy –developed, healthy, beautiful life, you can gain that through ‘MahaManan’ education syllabus– the Maha self-developmental educational program. Even with your education, side by side, the regular learning and practice of ‘MahaManan’ (‘Maha-Atma-Vikas-Shikshakram’) with ‘MahaManas-Yoga’ procedure, the overall development and along with it, the examination’s result also performed very well. 

Programs of MahaManan Kendra: 

  • Medical Treatment section which is need for self-development.

  • Art of Learning section.

  • MahaManan University with Board of Education.

  • Publication section: Books, Magazines and Audio-Video CD publishing.

  • ‘MahaManan’ TV serial broadcasting.

  • Advertisement through Seminar, Mela, Festival, etc.  

    Obtain the rare opportunity of essential education. Bring a unique strange happy change in your life through the simple unique educational method and practice of courses directed and shown by MahaManas. Let your life be more developed and beautiful.

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  • Also search through Google> MahaManan

We have come here on an educational tour. Gradually gaining high to higher consciousness –is the inherent purpose of human life. Here, as much as we could be enriched with consciousness –acquiring experience-knowledge, so much we would be benefited.

From spiritual view-point, at that time –when we go away from here –forever, nothing will go along with us, except consciousness.  MahaManas 

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