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Changing Mindset to Entrepreneurship

It’s a known fact that India, today, is an emerging economy that is destined to achieve milestones, on various fronts, in the near future. However, for India, to acquire the status of a “developed” nation, it needs to create 100 million jobs, statistics point out!

Experts confirm, in an endeavor to achieve this mark, tapping the potential of the unemployed and exploring opportunities in the employment market, so that each and every person plays a crucial role in contributing towards the growth of the Indian economy is necessary. However, how can one create 100 million jobs? And the million-dollar question is which industry will absorb people and bridge the employment gap? While experts are busy contemplating the possibilities of the army, the railways, the government and the private sector to recruit, speculations about the difficulty in employing in such huge numbers continue to persist.

Asian School of Business Management (ASBM), Bhubaneswar has taken initiative to imbibe the seed of entrepreneurship in the mind of students to enhance their career growth of huge venture under the Coordination-ship of Dr.Saikat Gochhait from Entrepreneurship Development Cell of ASBM.

ASBM partnering with Utkal Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurship Institute of India to conduct regular workshop for students from different colleges and universities along with NGO’s. It has partnered with IIT Kharagpur , Entrepreneurship Cell for mentorship programme and business idea startup for PGDM students.And such partnerships aim to nurture innovative thinking in small enterprises and support them with the financial resources to transform those ideas. Such programmes aim to foster an entrepreneurial environment among the students that helps small businesses contribute to India’s overall economic development and solve the issue of unemployment.

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