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Anita Kumar

Worked in P&G India as a customer business development manager in Punjab and then Chennai for three years before taking the go-to-market strategy role for All-India in P&G. Was responsible for quality and quantity enhancements in the distribution structure and well as for the distribution roadmap for 2009-10. Changed sectors after doing a second masters in Development Management at LSE and since 2011 worked on various development projects as a consultant at IFMR Chennai and then through InsightsApplied. Mentoring experience is mainly within P&G andrecently on an informal basis for people making a shift to the development sector.

Organization Details

InsightsApplied – Established in April 2012 as a sole proprietorship, InsightsApplied is a
research and consulting organization operating in the development sector. We
provide services to the government, NGOs and other social entrepreneurs.