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Jabeen Jambughodawala


PG Rural Management

Agriculture and Rural Management University, Reding, UK

Graduation- Accounts and Management

Other courses

Global Social Benefit Incubator (Santa Clara University, CA, USA)

Social Entrepreneur (Social Impact International, USA)

Business Counsellor (Traidcraft UK and FAKT Germany)

I have been working for women empowerment with tribal communities of western India. Mainly focusing on livelihood generation projects for 23 years with women and specifically tribal in India, as a social entrepreneur and business counselor. Mainly I have done work on empowerment and awareness amongst the poorest of the poor of the Indian communities and living below the poverty line. I also work on revival of traditional and ruin crafts of tribal people and make them able to produce and market products in national and International markets.

I am Immediate President- Fair Trade Forum –India, till October 2012.It is the biggest fair trade network of the world with 102 members working with 150000 artisans and producers in India.

Apart from that I am at the board of different development and education institutes.

Leadership Quality

Leading tribal community, professionals and social entrepreneurs to work with rural India for the development of the cottage industries and home based livelihood opportunities for 23 years.

Strong skill of Business and Management

Managing people around rural entrepreneurship. Form women groups and provide opportunities for livelihood.

Counselling skills for Business Development

Expertise in providing support for the rural businesses and help small artisans through counselling.


Working with NGOs enterprise sector and helping students of social entrepreneurs. Working with self-help groups and producers as a mentor

Special focus as a mentor at present:

Craftroots- A network of artisans of Gujarat

SAHAJ craft Producer Company

Dharohar crafts private limited

Gramya Vikas Trust and Katab Women’s Association

Organization Details

SAHAJ– An Organization for Women’s Development

SAHAJ is a fair trade organization, working with tribal women artisans of eastern Gujarat. We are providing home based livelihood opportunities to address the issue of migration. We are working in this field for 23 years. We have developed a beautiful range of commercially viable products out of traditional handicraft skills through design research and training. We have created a niche market for tribal handicrafts and developed a pro-tribal brand.

At present we are working with 1200 tribal artisans and they earn between Rs.6000 to Rs. 45000 PA. (When they work for 40 to 160 days in a year)This helps women to stay at home, their children go to school and they take care of their health and agriculture.

Value proposition

SAHAJ provides comprehensive training and support services that enable tribal families to earn home-based livelihoods through their traditional handicraft skills, as an alternative to seasonal urban migration.

This increase family incomes, allows children to remain in school and stabilize families in safer, healthier environments.


By 2014 SAHAJ will enable 15000 tribal artisans in western India to earn Rs. 60k PA in home based handicraft livelihoods.

Our mission:

To empower tribal women by providing livelihood opportunities and choices for earning and living better life.

What we do ?

  • We are providing home based livelihood opportunities.
  • We build skills and capacity for production and marketing.
  • We design and do market research for the traditional skilled based products and come up with trendy products.
  • We have developed professional work culture among tribal producers.
  • We have created a strong pro-tribal Fair Trade brand in the mainstream market.