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K.Chandrasekhar (KC) is the Founder & CEO of Forus Health Pvt. Ltd. We are an innovation-driven technology enterprise managed by very experienced professionals. Forus strongly believes that healthcare solutions for emerging countries have to be different both in terms of development as well as deployment. Forus develops innovative products combined with comprehensive software solutions to enable not only screening at the patient’s doorstep but facilitate treatment as well. Forus develops affordable technology solutions that can easily be used by a minimally trained technician, thereby making health service accessible and scalable.

Prior to founding Forus Health, KC was the Director of Strategy & Software Partnerships at NXP (Philips) Semiconductors. KC has 23+ years of experience in Business Strategy, Business Development, Product Management, Sales Management in leading Semiconductor and Software Companies.

KC is an alumnus of BITS Pilani and IIM C

Organization Details

Forus Health Pvt. Ltd.

As our Organization name signifies, Forus Health means “For us” (Affordable Quality health for my community and me)

We are an innovation led technology enterprise focused on providing technology solutions that aims to address health problems of countries like India. The same solutions can be taken around the globe and easily deployed as is.

Our flagship innovation 3nethra is a mass eye pre-screening device + solution – Is a single, intelligent, low cost, non-mydriatic, non-invasive pre-screening ophthalmology device+ solution

It has 3 major components that is useful in detecting cataract, glaucoma (provides tools like CDR ratio as well), Diabetic Retina, Cornea issues, Refraction problems

The above problems constitute 90% of avoidable blindness problem

a) Imaging Device – Anterior, Posterior , Refraction measurement – in a single device (the first of its kind)

b) Auto Detection – It uses image processing techniques to do auto-detection and provides a “OK-Need to See a doctor” report on the 5 problems with an advice to see a doctor. We will be releasing this by April/May 2013.

c) Data centre – Our cloud based data centre connects the doctor to the patient and the entire eye care ecosystem enabling remote diagnosis and treatment.

It can be very easily used by technicians in any rural environment /mobile environment.

We have product installations at more than 90 locations in India that includes rural vision centres, mobile vans, diabetic centres, diagnostic centres, ophthalmology hospitals, hub and spoke models etc.

Our head hunt device innovation has helped expand at the first level hospital network beyond ophthalmology hospitals to diabetic centres, diagnostic centres, comprehensive screening at optician clinic apart from the ability to offer this service from PHC, rural vision centres, mobile vans etc. We have our basic data centre on the Amazon cloud up and running. This will connect the patient in any remote centre to the nearest eye care ecosystem enabling diagnosis & treatment by service providers thereby enabling reach.