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Kushagra Merchant

Experience Details:

Kushagra works as an independent management consultant. His primary area of interest is Organizational Behaviour (OB). He works with small-scale not-for-profit and for-profit organizations to provide extended capacity and institution building support with a conscious emphasis on development as opposed to only scale. He also provides program management and business development support to projects that target issues highly local to specific urban and/or rural communities.

Presently, in addition to his role as a free-lance consultant he is associated with FEMS3, AgileStrat and Ankur Capital in varying capacities.

He leans strongly towards fair trade and freedom of software (and information in general). To that extent he provides OB support to Shop For Change (2011 till date) and TraidCraft UK on a pro-bono basis. In addition, he actively supports the policies of Free Software Foundation and especially the concept of copyleft.

Prior to this, Kushagra was at Monitor Group’s Inclusive Markets Division where worked on development of market-based approaches in drinking water and affordable housing for urban India. Before joining Monitor, he was with Accenture’s Mumbai office and had opportunities to participate in engagements involving large-scale business restructuring, post-merger integration and program management support.

Kushagra has a Bachelor of Engineering from Mumbai University and MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

Organisation: Free-lance consultant