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Rajeev Kumar

Entrepreneur, Investment Banker, Innovation & Technology Evangelist & Social Change Maker


Rajeev Kumar is a Serial Entrepreneur and Investment Banker, based out of Bangalore, India, with a very diverse portfolio of companies by sectors & location.

A Strategist, he mentors and supports startups, entrepreneurs and innovators with unique business ideas.

Rajeev’s passion includes Sustainability, Advanced Technology, Social Ventures, Ecological & Environmental Design, Urban Design, Development & Governance, and Innovation.

As a Serial Entrepreneur, he Co-founded and sit of the Board of a few Companies in India, as well as in USA, Australia and South Africa. He as been involved with several exciting ventures from diverse sectors (as a Mentor, investor or co-Promoter).

A Postgraduate in IT, Business Management, Green Technology and Foreign Trade, Rajeev Kumar has over 20 years of expertise in leading different technology domains and have advised several reputed companies in India in important verticals across sectors.

As a Change Maker, Rajeev is globally known for his leadership in a few leading social initiatives – Project Agastya, The Sixth International Ecocity Conference (Ecocity6), the Cleaner Production initiative & the Rajeev Kumar Foundation. He have played a leading role globally in pioneering several initiatives in Sustainability, Ecology, Innovation and Urban Policy. In 2006, Rajeev hosted the 6th International Ecocity Conference, that brought together some of the world’s leading minds in Urban Design, Ecological Sustainability, Urban Policy and Governance that led to the founding of the World Ecocity Summit Series.

Rajeev’s current focus is on Global Sustainable Development, Technology, IPR and Innovation. Along with his friends, he has developed a National Network of incubation & Innovation Centers, Mentoring facilities & technology support facilities for the benefit of Indian Entrepreneurs & Innovators.

With Project Agastya & RKF, Rajeev is working towards to bringing together a network of NGOs, Educational Institutions, corporates, etc. that are working on Sustainable Development, Environment & Ecology, Learning for Sustainability, etc.

Rajeev has been a recipient of several awards & recognition and was a Bangalore Finalist at the “Lead India” by ‘Times of India’ – Bangalore, India (the world’s largest English Newspaper) – an initiative to identify Young

Leaders (apolitical) to lead India into her future (September 2007).