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Vijay Pratap Singh

Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya is a first generation entrepreneur innovating integrated platforms for enabling access to services and markets for millions of rural customers and businesses. Vijay is Electrical Engineering Graduate with Post-Graduation inunnamed management from the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal, India. Vijay’s work focuses on developing technology platforms for enabling access to markets, agriculture value chain, financial services and enterprise services for
rural businesses, producers and artisans.

Vijay brings in experience of technology innovation and understanding of socio-economic environment in developing economies for providing platform based services. Vijay is passionate about networking rural communities and forging partnership, to seek transfer of equity in favour of primary producers and artisans in the value chain.

Vijay having co-founded ekgaon 11 years back has built the company as a network-integrator providing real-time platform where service providers compete for the under-served consumer services markets of South Asia and Africa. ekgaon platformsensure cost effective service delivery by using mobile phones and other communication devices to transmit verified and secured transaction information, impacting in cost savings as well as enhancing productivity across the value chain.

Vijay, has been included amongst 50 Social Entrepreneurs in India by the India’s premier business magazine, “The Business Outlook” in its September, 2009 special Independence Day issue. The magazine identified these entrepreneurs as “New Wealth Creators – 50 Social Entrepreneurs…. and how they are making India better”. Vijay was awarded the “Civil Society Citizen Karmaveer Puraskaar – Social Entrepreneur, 2012 – 13”. Vijay is part of global community of social entrepreneurs as Ashoka – Lemelson Fellow since 2008 for life and Ashoka Globalizer Fellow 2010 & 2012.

Vijay serves as a mentor for Tata Social Enterprise Challenge (TSEC), organised by IIMC. He mentors the management team of Bodhi Health Education Pvt. Ltd. a health service enterprise with focus to provide knowledge and awareness among health professionals and community health workers. He serves in the Area Advisory Board-Marketing Steam of the Amity University.
He mentors entrepreneurs as part of Ennovent Pool, a sustainability enterprise accelerator.

Vijay serves on the board of IndLinux Society, promoting Indic-language computing and mPedegree, promoting safe medicines. Vijay is also founding member of the Business Correspondent Federation of India (BCFI), promoting financial inclusion in India.

Vijay is Co-founder, Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ekgaon.