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Incubatees TSEC

The following enterprises have been incubated at IIM Calcutta Innovation Park. A brief profile of these enterprises is given below:

  • Doctors For You (DFY) is a SAARC award winning humanitarian NGO in the health-care sector. DFY’s disaster relief and rehabilitation work has won it the British Medical Journal (BMJ) ‘Best Medical Team in Crisis Situation’ Award in 2011.
  • SwitchON-ONergy is a hybrid social enterprise start-up creating an ecosystem for the uptake of complete energy solutions to rural India. ONergy is a ISO Certified (TUV) for-profit venture, setting up last mile energy distribution and service networks.
  • Edwell Solutions Private Limited is already operating tuition centres in Chamba block of Tehri Garhwal district and Doiwala block of Dehradun district in Uttarakhand with a plan to add more 8 such centres in Uttarakhand by FY 2013-14.
  • Bodhi Health Education aims to improve healthcare in India, by providing quality medical education to health professionals and community health workers, who are at the bottom of the pyramid. They have created a scalable, high quality training solution, which can teach complex medical topics to semi-literate women, using videos in regional languages.
  • Ultra safe Ultra sound is a novel ultrasound technology which strives to curb female feticide in India by blurring the genital organ of a fetus in a live ultrasound scan.

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