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TSEC 2013-14

The winners of the Tata Social Enterprise Challenge for the year 2013-14 are:

The Winner: MicroX Labs

MicroX Labs developped a technology to count the Blood cells. The Solution is based on upcoming technology of Lab on Chip and MEMS (Micro electro mechanical systems) which mintuarizes the instrument to less than 2Kgs, brings down the fixed price of the instrument to less than Rs12,000 and operating price of cartridges to less than Rs20 .All the reagents are pre-loaded in the cartridge itself making it easy to use with only 2uL of blood. Such instrument will give 14 parameter reports in under 1 minute. Owing to ease of use, portability and low cost such device will be a boon to the rural healthcare and can be used at point of care also.

1st Runner Up: Bodhi Health Education

The solution by Bodhi Health Education uses affordable tablet computer technology to train, monitor and supervise CHWs. This e-Learning content has been developed keeping in mind the low literacy levels of these health workers. Complex medical topics have been explained using simple, illustrative videos which connect to the bottom of the pyramid segment and their issues. The concepts are explained in regional languages and with minimum content to be read.


2nd Runner Up: Green Agrevolutions

Agrevolution entire business model is based on the gap between growers and consumers of food and agriculture sector. One side they provide support to growers during the production cycle and by doing so they also assure quality production as per the market/buyers demand. On the other side, they supply quality products directly to the end users without any intermediaries. Hence buyers get competitive price and high quality as well.


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